Sunday, November 23, 2014

R8, P2, VLCD 48 Hours - Fussing and Stressed

Today's weight 173.2lbs. I'm sure the castor oil had a lot to do with it. Not hopeful that tomorrow will be another loss.

We performed "drive-by's" today, much to my dismay. I really wanted to just stay at home and rest today but, off we went. Then, hubby and I started arguing. Ugh! This would never have happened if we'd stayed home. Oh well. Tuesday will be another "look-see" day with our realtor. Perhaps I'll have Monday to "breathe" and forget about house hunting for a while.

Here's what I had today (I neglected to add the scrambled egg at breakfast. My mother took us out and insisted I eat. I figured that would be safest):

November 23rd, 2014 Write in your diary: How do you feel today?
Food Item Servings Cals Fat Cholest Sodium Carbs Sugars Fiber Protein
In-N-Out In-N-Out Burger Double Double W/ Onion Protein Style No Spread 1.00 440 30g 110mg 1,160mg 11g 7g 3g 33g
Foster Farms Chicken Breast Strips 1.00 100 2g 25mg 520mg 1g 1g 0g 19g

Cals Fat Cholest Sodium Carbs Sugars Fiber Protein

540 32g 135mg 1,680mg 12g 8g 3g 52